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ZINC-GUARD – Cold galvanizing coating

ZINC-GUARD provides a 95% metallic zinc finished film that is comparable to cold galvinising. Provides protection against corrosion even when scratched. Withstands up to 2000 hours of 5% salt spray (ASTM B-117-64).


ZINC-GUARD can be used indoor or outdoor applications in shipyards, industries, hotels, institutions, automotive, maintenance departments etc. Uses include welded joints, guard rails, bridges, fences, storage tanks, pipe lines, heat ducts, and off shore equipment etc.


  • Equal to hot dip galvanise process. ZINC-GUARD special formula of 95% pure metallic zinc finished film is equivalent to hop dip galvanizing molecular bonding. Fuses the zinc to the metal surfaces and seals out air and moisture. ZINC-GUARD is not a paint.
  • High resistant and long lasting. ZINC-GUARD bonds to clean iron, steel or aluminium through electrochemical action to provide excellent adhesion and resistance to salt, rust, corrosion and water. Withstands up to 2000 hours of 5% salt spray (ASTM B-117-64)
  • Scratch proof. The zinc coating will continue to protect ferrous metal surfaces even when scratched, broken or corrupted due to sacrificial anodization where the zinc coating will corrode while protecting the treated metal surfaces against corrosion.
  • Safe and easy to use. ZINC-GUARD can be applied on any metal surfaces; even hard-to-reach surfaces can be quickly “galvanized”. Parts can be welded without danger of fire or toxic upon curing.
  • Excellent as a primer. ZINC-GUARD can be painted over after overnight drying. Excellent primer for exterior and interior surfaces.


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