VITEX – Soot and carbon deposit remover

VITEX – Soot and carbon deposit remover

VITEX is a highly engineered soot and carbon deposit remover.

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VITEX is ideal for use in any heating or process boilers where incomplete combustion produces excess soot and carbon which accumulate in the fire box, boiler heat exchange surfaces etc.


  • Highly effective. VITEX’s formulated oxidization catalyst removes soot and carbon deposits quickly.
  • Saves costly labour and downtime.  VITEX can be applied directly into the operating boiler for internal cleaning, thus reducing costly dismantling, downtime and labour.
  • Restores maximum boiler efficiency.  With excess accumulation of soot and carbon deposits in the heat exchanger, efficiency loss can be up to 20%. VITEX ensures boiler can operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Safe to use.  VITEX contains no harmful ingredients, is non-corrosive, non-flammable and will not affect the flame or the burner.
  • Easy to use.  VITEX’s liquid form required no messy time premixing.


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