VIROTRO-EX – Multi-purpose hospital-grade liquid disinfectant/sanitizer

VIROTRO-EX is a powerful multi-purpose hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner deodorant that acts quickly to control and reduce bacteria and virus particles. The synergistic mechanism of quaternary amines in the presence of alcohols involves the breakdown of the lipoprotein complexes by the quaternary amines in the cell membrane of microorganisms which allows the alcohol, which is a protein denaturant, to penetrate the cell membrane and cause irreversible damage inside the cell.


VIROTRO-EX is widely used in hospitals, schools, clinics, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, offices, institutions, factories etc.  Can be used to disinfect, and deodorize all hard surfaces including table-tops, floors, walls, air-conditioning coils etc.


  • Controls and reduces spread of viruses. VIROTRO-EX aids in controlling and reducing spread of virus infections. VIROTRO-EX reduces the hazard of cross-infection too.
  • Highly effective disinfectant and sanitiser.  VIROTRO-EX kills germs on surfaces with  its powerful actions that work on frequently  handled objects which may spread disease-causing particles.
  • Eliminates odour. Besides sanitizing and disinfecting, VIROTRO-EX also eliminates odour, leaving areas clean and fresh  smelling.
  • Safe to use. VIROTRO-EX contains no harmful ingredients.


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