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VIROTRO 0138 – Hospital-grade disinfectant deodorant

VIROTRO 0138 is a powerful multipurpose disinfectant cleaner deodorant that acts quickly to control and reduce airborne bacteria and virus particles.


VIROTRO 0138 is widely used in hospitals, schools, clines, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, offices, institutions, factories etc.


  • Controls and reduces spread of viruses. VIROTRO 0138 aids in controlling and reducing spread of virus infections. VIROTRO 0138 reduces the hazard of cross-infection too.
  • Highly effective disinfectant and sanitiser. VIROTRO 0138 kills germs on surfaces as well as in air. VIROTRO 0138 powerful actions works on frequently handled objects which may spread disease-causing particles.
  • Eliminates odur. Besides sanitizing and disinfecting, VIROTRO 0138 also eliminates odour, leaving areas clean and fresh smelling.
  • Safe to use. VIROTRO 0138 contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth on hard non-porous surfaces.


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