STEEL-GUARD – Pure 316 stainless steel urethane coating

STEEL-GUARD contains a pure type 316 stainless steel pigment which is bonded with an ultra high strength urethane binder.

Applications :

STEEL-GUARD can be used indoor or outdoor applications in shipyards, industries, hotels, institutions, automotive, maintenance departments etc. Uses include welds, hand rails, rims, guard rails, bridges, metal chain fences, storage tanks, pipe lines, TV towers, refinery pipings, heavy equipment, corrugated metal buildings, etc. and other surfaces exposed to chemical vapors or extended weathering.

Adavantages :

  • Seals, restores and protects. STEEL-GUARD seals, restores and protects most surfaces with asmooth, attractive, tough resistant finish. Good film integrity is ensured even after more than 330 hours of 5% salt spray (ASTM B-117-64).
  • Versatile. STEEL-GUARD is weather resistant, abrasion resistant and heat resistant to 178 C (351 F). STEEL-GUARD will not discolour.
  • Effective. STEEL-GUARD will not oxidise when exposed to sunlight. STEEL-GUARD protects metal from attack by corrosive liquids or gases because STEEL-GUARD is non-porous.
  • Safe to use. STEEL-GUARD is non-corrosive and non-toxic, is completely safe on metals.
  • Superior strength. STEEL-GUARD’s superior formula ensures that the film is tightly bonded to the surface upon curing.


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