SSS-20A – Mark remover

SSS-20A is a highly engineered, non-staining and non-oily remover, formulated to remove stubborn marks, made by ink, crayon, markers, etc. from any plastics, coated, painted surfaces or other sensitive materials.


Application : SSS-20A is excellent for use in schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, factories, buildings, camps, cinema, housing estates, etc.


  • Highly effective. SSS-20A removes most stubborn marks quickly with much agitation or force.
  • Safe on most surfaces. SSS-20A will not harm most plastics, most coated or painted surfaces, glazed or ceramic tile, glass, bare metal, formica, etc.
  • Save time and money. SSS-20A works quickly and reduces the frequency of repainting, refinishing, etc.
  • Low-toxicity. SSS-20A is safe to use.
  • Leaves no residue. SSS-20A leave no residue except for a clean surface.


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