RIG-SOLV – Heavy duty marine degreaser

RIG-SOLV is formulated with an effective blend of additives and penetrants to remove hazardous grease, dirt and oil from deck surfaces, derricks, rigs and drilling equipments.


RIG-SOLV is highly recommended for use in oil tanks of ship, cargo holds, deep tanks, exterior surfaces of hulls, cargo vessels, equipments in machinery rooms and other parts of the ship.  RIG-SOLV is also used to clean and renovate industrial surfaces, machinery, equipment and floors.  


  • Safe.  RIG-SOLV is non-flammable, non-polluting and non-corrosive. RIG-SOLV will not deteriorate with prolong   storage.
  • Fast and efficient.  RIG-SOLV strong blend   of penetrants and additives quickly cuts   through layers of grease, grime, dirt and   other stubborn soil build-ups for effective   and efficient cleaning and degreasing.
  • Reduces time and labour costs. RIG-SOLV   penetrates soil build-ups quickly and can   be easily mopped or rinsed away.
  • Versatile.  RIG-SOLV can be diluted with   sea-water as well as fresh water with the   same superior effectiveness.


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