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ODOR-CONTROL – Long lasting odor control

ODOR-CONTROL is a ready-to-use odour counteractant that contains special blends that are active against the odor causing bacteria and neutralize odors, leaving the air fresh and pleasantly scented.


ODOR-CONTROL is effective on all types of odors produced by cigarette and cigar smoke, urine, vomit, garbage, fire damage rubber material, perspiration, dampness and other malodors.


  • Highly effective; not a perfumed mask.   ODOR-CONTROL does not merely mask   odors but encapsulates the odor-causing   bacteria and neutralizes them completely.
  • Long lasting. ODOR-CONTROL eliminates  offensive odors effectively and lasts longer compared to conventional masking agents  with just one short  burst towards the ceiling.
  • Economical. ODOR-CONTROL comes in   non-aerosol can, thus eliminates the need   for expensive aerosol deodorizers.
  • Unique formulation. ODOR-CONTROL’s   unique formulation will not  evaporate   rapidly, unlike conventional or solvent-based deodorizers.
  • Safe. ODOR-CONTROL contains no harmful ingredients.
  • Easy to use. ODOR-CONTROL is ready-to-use anywhere, anytime without the need for any expensive or special equipment.



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