MULTI-RINSE – All purpose surface renovator and deodoriser

MULTI-RINSE is a superior concentrated all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer for water-resistant surfaces. MULTI-RINSE is effective without the need for rinsing.


MULTI-RINSE is recommended for cleaning and deodorizing of all water resistant surfaces such as floors, woodwork, industrial machinery, walls and ceilings, painted or natural finish etc.  MULTI-RINSE is widely used in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, departmental stores, restaurants etc.


  • Easy to use. MULTI-RINSE unique penetrating agent lifts dirt out of the tiniest crevices, thus eliminating the need for laborious agitation and scrubbing. MULTI-RINSE emulsifies grease, animal fats and oil for easy wiping which leaves   no streak, film deposits or water spots.
  • Saves time and labour. MULTI-RINSE no-rinse formulation saves time and  expensive labor costs.
  • Effective on hard water. MULTI-RINSE’s  blend of biodegradable water softeners ensures effectiveness even in very hard industrial water.
  • Economical. MULTI-RINSE’s high concentration allows dilution.


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