LOCKFREE – High temperature, anti-seize sealant and lubricant

LOCKFREE is a superior, extreme high temperature anti-seize and lubricant formulated where seizing, galling or fretting of parts is a problem. LOCKFREE is compatible with plastics and metals.

Applications :

LOCKFREE is recommended where resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions is required. It is formulated to meet the needs of all types of industrial machineries, marine engines, automotive, farm machinery, construction equipments, propeller shafts, furnaces etc.


  • Prevents Galling, Seizing and Fretting. LOCKFREE contains pure aluminium paste and other additives in a special grease which protects metals parts under sustained temperatures up to 1100 C.
  • Highly effective. LOCKFREE has excellent film strength which allows metal threaded parts to tighten and loosen easier.
  • Seals, Lubricates and Protects. LOCKFREE effectively seals out moisture, reduces friction and protects surfaces.
  • Lower maintenance costs and less parts replacement. Use LOCKFREE during assembly of parts to lower maintenanace costs and replacement parts.
  • Safe. LOCKFREE contains no harmful ingredients. It is compatible to use on metals, synthetic rubber and plastic parts.


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