GUARDMAX-NC – Floor Cleaning Solution

GUARDMAX-NC is an effective industrial surface renovator that breaks up the molecular structures of dirt, sludge, grease, ink, grime and floats them away without much agitation.


GUARDMAX-NC is highly recommended for use in industrial plants, printing plants, building complexes, automobile workshops, meat packers, aircraft hangers, truck terminal etc.


  • Highly Effective. GUARDMAX-NC superior   renovating power breaks down dirt, sludge   and grime that bond to surfaces and float   them away.
  • Multi-purpose. GUARDMAX-NC renovates   on concrete, plastic, metal, rubber and   most water surfaces safely with maximum   effectiveness.
  • Economical. GUARDMAX-NC saves costly   labour time and can be diluted up to 7 parts   of water for light applications.
  • Biodegradable. GUARDMAX-NC is   completely biodegradable.  It is   environmentally safe.
  • Non-toxic. GUARDMAX-NC can be used in   food storage areas, prepared or served   areas, and food handling equipment.  Final   water rinsing is required.
  • Safe. GUARDMAX-NC does not produce   harmful fumes, and is non-flammable; a   safe replacement for   highly flammable   solvent degreasers.


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