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GUARD – Germicidal cleaner and deodorant

GUARD is a superior three-in-one action that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. GUARD cleans and eliminates odours by leaving a fresh fragrance.


GUARD is ideal for use in hospitals, offices, schools, factories, institutions, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, food processing plants etc.  GUARD is excellent for hard metal/plastic surfaces, upholstery, carpets, leather etc.


  • Safe. GUARD contains no harmful   ingredients, will not harm or discolour   fabrics, painted surfaces, metals, stainless   steel etc. GUARD is safe on most   surfaces. GUARD is also CFC-free.
  • Foaming Action. GUARD’s foaming action   will cling to vertical surfaces even on   ceiling. This ensures maximum   effectiveness and cleaning power, and   also eliminates staining below the   application areas.
  • Powerful and Effective. GUARD’s  germicidal ingredients quickly destroy  disease organisms and controls odours.
  • Multi-purpose. GUARD shines kitchen tiles,   bathroom, fixtures, counter tops, table   tops, leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces.
  • Economical. GUARD cleans, disinfects and   deodorizes in one operation.  No   scrubbing or rinsing required. Reduces   time and labour costs.
  • Tested and certified. Does not contain toxic   metals like arsenic, lead and copper.
  • Environmental friendly. GUARD aerosol   packing is CFC-free.



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