Anti-algae treatment for cooling systems - GSA-32CH

GSA-32CH – Anti-algae/slime treatment for cooling systems (powder)

GSA-32CH is a powerful stabilized, dry pack oxidizer for the removal of organic fouling materials such as algae, debris, slime etc. from cooling towers and other water circulation systems.

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GSA-32CH is widely used by commercial and industrial complexes, buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, institutions etc.


  • Penetrates and restores. GSA-32CH is a renovation treatment which chemically “burns” organic materials so that it can be flushed away easily, thus restoring the system to its original conditions.
  • Non-polluting.  GSA-32CH that are not reacted, when flushed into the drain system, quickly dissipates to non-reactive, non-toxic materials.
  • Stable during storage. GSA-32CH dry pack system remains stable until water is added for applications.
  • Reduces maintenance.  With GSA-32CH, costly disassembly and other manual cleaning methods are not required.


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