Glass Cleaning Solution

GLASSY – Industrial glass cleaner

GLASSY is a robust, general purpose glass cleaner that dissolves film, scum, surface smears, finger prints, soils and restores glass and mirrors.


GLASSY is widely used in hotels, industries, retail shops, community centers complexes, schools, hospitals, camps, institutions, offices, etc.


  • Cleans faster and better. GLASSY’s   penetrating action lifts and dissolves all   stubborn dirt deposits quickly which can be wiped off easily to leave a bright clean surface.
  • Spot-free and non-streaking. GLASSY   unique formulation provides streak less,   spot-free and leaves no residual film.
  • Safe to use. GLASSY contains no harmful   ingredients and will not harm, scratch or   discolor glass surfaces, plastics, vinyl,   rubber or fabrics.
  • Saves time and labour. GLASSY eliminates   the time-consuming tasks of polishing  and rubbing, hence saving time and costly labour.



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