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GL 802 – Water-based solvent degreaser-degreasing-cleaning(GL 802)

GL 802 – Water-based solvent degreaser

GL 802 WATER-BASED SOLVENT DEGREASER : for dissolving and removal of dirt, sludge, grease,ink, grime.


  • MULTI-PURPOSE. GL 802 can be used on concrete, plastic, metal, rubber and most water surfaces safely with maximum effectiveness.
  • ECONOMICAL. GL 802 can be diluted depending on applications.
  • NON-TOXIC. GL 802 can be used in food storage areas, prepared or served areas, and food handling equipment. Final water rinsing is required.
  • SAFE. GL 802 does not produce harmful fumes, and is non-flammable; a safe replacement for highly flammable solvent degreasers.