GFC-111 – Concentrated fuel conditioner

GFC-111 is a new concentrated fuel conditioner that is specially formulated for today’s high performance engines to neutralize harmful fuel acids, as well as to eliminate the damage caused by gum, sulphur, varnish and moisture in fuels.

Applications :

GFC-111 is highly recommended for use in diesel, gasoline (including leaded and unleaded), L.P.G. and kerosene fuels.

Advantages :

  • More complete combustion :  a clean engine. GFC-111 reduces carbon and varnish deposits build-up and maintains the engine at maximum effciency between tune-ups.
  • Neutralize sulphur and harmfuls acids. GFC-111 effectively neutralizes and removes all sulfur and harmful acids from attacking piston rings, bearings liners and other engine parts.
  • Increase mileage. GFC-111 give superior lubrication and improves acceleration thus reducing friction, wear and energy loss.
  • Clean injectors and carburetors. With GFC-111, a fine spray for a more even performance is achieved.
  • Absorb moisture in storage and fuel tanks. GFC-111 contains a unique moisture absorption additive to absorb the normal build-up condensation.
  • Stop valves from sticking. GFC-111 eliminates build-up of gum and varnish on valves.
  • Stop micro-bacterial growth. GFC-111 is also recommended for use in marine engines, bunker/ diesel fuel storage tanks to stop micro-bacterial growth that feeds and multiplies during storage and often clogs fuel lines and injectors.


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