GDS-2 – Fast acting descaler

GDS-2 is highly concentrated, fast-acting descaler for removal of rusts, scales, corrosion, slime, magnesium deposits, hard water deposits etc. in cooling towers and boilers.

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GDS-2 is used for descaling all process air conditioning, heating systems including boilers, cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers etc.


  • Fast action. GDS-2 descales most systems   completely in 4 to 7 hours.
  • Safe to use. GDS-2 does not damage paint,   coating, rubber or wood.  GDS-2 has an   inhibited formulation to ensure effective   descaling with minimal chemical reaction   damage. Upon descaling, GDS-2 contains   anti-corrosion agents to protect the treated   surfaces.
  • Easy to use. GDS-2’s liquid formulation   requires no messy and time-consuming   premixing. GDS-2 dissolves scales and   rusts quickly, reducing downtime and does   not require scrapping or agitation.
  • Cost effective way to restore system   maximum efficiency. GDS-2 can be diluted   up to 40 parts of water depending on scale   build-ups.


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