GCC-300 – Chain and cable lubricant

GCC-300 is a multi-purpose chain and cable lubricant. It is specially formulated with both PTFE and Molybdenum Disulfide to provide superior lubricity, protection and long lasting effectiveness.

Applications :

GCC-300 is ideal for chains, cables, sprockets, high-speed chains, drive chains, hoist chains, drag chains, conveyor chains, double roller chains, detachable chains, triple roller chains, quadruple chains, flat conveyor chains and wire ropes. It does not require heating for application, although it will work best if applied when the chain or wire rope is warm from service, i.e. immediately after shut down.

Advantages :

  • Reduce friction. GCC-300 prevents metal to metal contact, thus reducing friction, heat, stress and wear.
  • Excellent protection. GCC-300 protects chains and cables during operation even at elevated temperatures, overloads, shock loads and high humidity. Water and acid resistant.
  • Saves time. GCC-300 does not require heating for application
  • Provides clinging action. GCC-300′s special adherent additives provide continuous superior lubrication and holds on under all operating conditions.
  • Penetration feature. GCC-300 penetrates deeply into the chain and cables, covering all metal surface with a robust layer of lubricant.


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