GARDROX – Acid detergent renovator

GARDROX is a new concept in formulated chemical for surface renovator which replaces muriatic acid. GARDROX’s special blend of powerful cleaning agents quickly penetrates, breaks up, and dissolves carbonates, scales, rust, mineral sediments, lime deposits, scum algae and other stains.


GARDROX is used in the construction field to remove dirt and scale due to masonry works on window frames, metal doors and stair rails.  GARDROX is a quick way to remove body oil and suntan lotion stains from swimming pool sidewalls, walk-ways and gang showers. Also excellent for removing algae in air-conditioner condensate pans.


  • Safe to use. GARDROX will not burn skin  even if accidentally spilled at full   concentration. GARDROX will not emit  pungent and corrosive fumes.
  • Effective. GARDROX acts fast to remove carbonates, scales, rusts, mineral   sediments, lime deposits, scum and other  stains and is safe to use on most metals including aluminium, copper, brass, and painted surfaces.
  • Anti-rusts properties. GARDROX is formulated with special rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent and reduce flash rusting.
  • Reduces time and labour costs. GARDROX renovating effectiveness cuts   down time and reduces extensive labour costs as no scrapping and chipping is required.
  • Economical. GARDROX is highly concentrated and can be diluted with water   (dilution rate according to requirements) for removing oxides, sulfates, insoluble  materials, mortar film etc.
  • Stable in storage. GARDROX is stable and retains its strength even after long storage periods.  It will not break down under weather changes.


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