Floor Cleaning Solution

G-PINE – Multi-purpose Pine disinfectant cleaner and deodoriser

G-PINE is a multi-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer which cleans and eliminates bad odours by leaving a fresh pine fragrance.


G-PINE is widely used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics.  G-PINE is used for cleaning and disinfecting all types of floor finishes such as linoleum, tile, vinyl, leather, metal, wood, enameled etc.


  • Disinfecting and Cleaning Power. G-PINE deep penetration formula allows maximum disinfecting and cleaning. G-PINE is effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • Super Deodoriser. G-PINE deodorizing agent contains highly refined pine oil which is especially effective in controlling odours that are bacterial in origin in places such as garbage trucks, waste receptacles, and in and around garbage areas.
  • Economical. G-PINE high concentration can be diluted to 20 parts of water for disinfecting and cleaning. For light applications, G-PINE can be diluted to 40 parts of water.
  • Stable in storage. G-PINE will not separate or lose its disinfecting efficacy even if   stored in rapid and severe temperature changes.



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