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G-600 – Welding burnt mark remover

G-600 is a paste for the removal of welding oxides and discoloration (thin oxide film) from welding operations and to restore the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel.


G-600 is a surface treatment of stainless steel for the removal of welding marks. G-600 is highly recommended in shipyards, welding shops, marine areas schools, manufacturing plants, metals finishing shops, automotive repair shops and other areas where welding marks are difficult to remove.


  • Effective without abrasives or heavy scrubbing. G-600 special penetrants  remove stubborn welding burn stains  without harsh abrasives and heavy    scrubbing.
  • Clinging power. G-600 clings to vertical  surfaces for maximum effectiveness and  minimum wastages.
  • Versatile and safe on most metals. G-600 may be used on most metal surfaces such as aluminium, polished metals, stainless  steel etc.
  • Easy to use. G-600 can be applied by brush. Brush on desired surface, and the welding burn marks are removed.


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