CLEARCOAT – Polycrylate protective coating

CLEARCOAT is a protective agent that dries to an even, transparent film for long term indoor or outdoor protection. Acts as an impenetrable film barrier against weather and other corrosive elements.


CLEARCOAT provides excellent protection on most metals, electrical and electronic equipments, exposed construction surfaces exposed to acid, alkaline or atmospheric contamination. It is widely used by heavy or light industries, institutions, schools, etc.


  • Multi-purpose. CLEARCOAT can be coated   on most metal surfaces, construction   surfaces, furniture’s, wiring, aerials,   connectors, electrical or electronic   equipment’s, blue prints, wood, etc.
  • Seals, restores, and protects.    CLEARCOAT seals and restores the   surface to a smooth tough protective   resistant finish. CLEARCOAT also seals   out moisture and corrosive vapors.
  • Highly effective. CLEARCOAT gives better   wear and tear protection. Non-peeling,   waterproof, prevents corrosion, versatile   and will resist smears and fingerprints.
  • Easy to use. CLEARCOAT can be sprayed,   dip or brushed on surfaces to be   coated.
  • Environmental friendly. CLEARCOAT   aerosol packing is CFC-free.