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Long lasting amber protective coating

GUARDIAN-6040 – Long lasting amber protective coating


GUARDIAN-6040 is a long lasting amber coating that dries to an even film to protect internal and external metal structures subject to atmospheric corrosion during storage or handling.


GUARDIAN-6040 is used to protect all types of steel, drill-pipe, casing, tubing, framework, heavy equipment, piping, iron, etc.


  • Seals, restores and protects. GUARDIAN-   6040 seals and restores most metal   surfaces to a smooth tough protective   resistant finish, GUARDIAN-6040 special   corrosion inhibitors seals out moisture and   corrosive vapors.
  • Fast drying. GUARDIAN-6040 contains   special solvent which allows drying in 25   to 40 minutes at 28°C. The coated parts   can be handled in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Highly effective. GUARDIAN-6040 provides   superior protection as it is non-peeling,   non-cracking, water proof, versatile, self   leveling and penetrates irregular surfaces   for thorough coating.
  • Safe. GUARDIAN-6040 will not attack or   discolor most metal surfaces.
  • Easy to use. GUARDIAN-6040 can be   sprayed, dip or brushed on surfaces to be   coated.


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