CHOKE-SOLV – Super drain chokage opener and renovator

CHOKE-SOLV is a “stand-by plumber” specifically formulated to penetrate and dissolve all clogged organic materials in the drainline system


CHOKE-SOLV is ideally for use in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, hotels, schools, apartment and shopping complexes, industrial plants, etc.


  • Heavier-than-water. CHOKE-SOLV quickly penetrates to organic stoppages spot and maintains its concentrated strength to safely dissolve the target materials, thereby opening clogged drains quickly.
  • Restores “shrinking pipes” to its original size. CHOKE-SOLV eliminates build-up of grease deposits, soap films, scale, lime, in the drain pipe that cause “slow” draining.   Regular use will increase and maintain the   efficiency of free flowing lines.
  • Harmless to parts of drain system. CHOKE-SOLV will not harm or deteriorate pipes and fittings, metal, plastics, rubber   and other parts within the system. CHOKE-SOLV is neutralized when mixed with large volume of drain water after application.
  • Economical. CHOKE-SOLV should be used on a regular preventative maintenance to eliminate costly downtime and save costly professional services.
  • Controlled, no “flashback” reaction. CHOKE-SOLV’s highly engineered active reactants reduce risk of dangerous explosive reaction and do not produce harmful fumes or unpleasant odors.


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