CHOKE-CLEAR – Drain opener and renovator

CHOKE-CLEAR is a unique drain opener and renovator specially formulated to penetrate and dissolve most clogged materials in the drain system.


CHOKE-CLEAR is widely used in maintenance departments, commercial kitchens, hotels, schools, apartments, buildings, complexes, industrial plants, hospitals, camps, etc.


  • Fast action.  CHOKE-CLEAR works in   minutes to eliminate build-up of deposits,   organic inks, soap-film, scale, lime, and  grease. Maintains the efficiency of free flowing lines at all time.
  • Safe on equipment.  CHOKE-CLEAR will not harm most metals, plastics, rubbers   and other parts within the flow system.
  • Unique corrosion inhibition. CHOKE-CLEAR contains special corrosion   inhibitor to prevent corrosion and provides   superior protection for metal parts.
  • Controlled reaction. CHOKE-CLEAR highly   engineered active reactants reduces risk   of dangerous explosive reaction.
  • Economical.  CHOKE-CLEAR should be   used as a regular preventative   maintenance program to eliminate costly   downtime and cost from professional help.


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