BRIGHT – Stainless steel renovator and polisher

BRIGHT is a superior three-in-one renovator and polisher that renovates, polishes and protects stainless steel and other metal surfaces. BRIGHT leaves a fine, invisible film that seals and protects the surface from corrosion, fingerprinting, and surface deterioration.


BRIGHT is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, dairies, supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, cafeterias, food processing plants, etc.


  • Removes, restores, seals and protects.   BRIGHT removes light soil and restores   depth and colour to brushed finesses,   helps seal out corrosive vapours and   moisture and protects against smudging   and staining.
  • Excellent agent film. BRIGHT provides an   excellent agent film that prevents food or   other soils from bonding to chrome,   stainless steel and other bright metals.
  • Powerful and effective. BRIGHT contains no   abrasives, therefore does not damage   surface. BRIGHT restores and polishes   through controlled chemical action.    BRIGHT contains a powerful solvent that   breaks down greasy deposits.
  • Safe. BRIGHT contains no harmful   ingredients, will not harm or discolour   stainless steel, kitchen units, steam tables,   elevator doors, counter tops, etc.
  • Economical. BRIGHT increases productivity  by ensuring reducing the time required for   the task of cleaning and polishing metal   surfaces. BRIGHT is easy to use.
  • Environmental friendly. BRIGHT aerosol packing is CFC-free.


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