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BIN-G-SOL – Industrial and environmental deodorising fluid

BIN-G-SOL is a powerful industrial and environmental deodorizing fluid for maintenance and renovation of all types of waste receptacles and refuse removal equipment.


BIN-G-SOL is ideal for use in refuse dump stations, garbage trucks, sewage farms, septic tanks, garbage containers, etc. BIN-G-SOL is widely used by municipalities, institutions, restaurants and private refuse handlers as a pest repellent and deodorizer.


  • Destroys odors. BIN-G-SOL is a superior blend of essential oils forumulated to encapsulate and chemically destroys odor-causing bacteria.
  • Pest repellent aider.  BIN-G-SOL contains a pest repellent ingredient to keep insects and rodents away.
  • Economical.  BIN-G-SOL is highly dilutable and disperses instantly in water to make a powerful solution for maximum effective application.
  • Easy application. BIN-G-SOL can be sprayed or drip-fed.


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