BELT-GRIP – Belt conditioner

BELT-GRIP prevents belt from slipping, adds more pulling power, eases strain on bearings and bushings, and stops squealing of rubber, canvas, leather and fabric belts.


BELT-GRIP is widely used on belts found in industrial, automobiles, farm equipments, appliances and all belt-driven equipments.

Advantages :

  • Stays pliable and flexible, dust resistant. BELT-GRIP will not “glaze over”, lump up, cake or harden. BELT-G also resist dust, dirt and other contaminant to ensure your belt stays clean.
  • Safe to use. BELT-GRIP contains no harmful ingredients to cause belts to dry-out, swell, lose strength or stretch.
  • High adherence strength. BELT-GRIP is formulated with a lasting advanced adherent  which grips the pulley more firmly. BELT-GRIP helps in maximum power transmission.
  • Restores belt. Most belt conditioners just tackify surface. But BELT-GRIP cleans, penetrates deep into the belt, thereby extending the life of the belt, saving downtime and early replacement cost.
  • Ease of use. BELT-GRIP makes complete coverage easy while belts are running. No costly downtime. Enable access hard to reach areas. BELT-GRIP is effective regardless of size, shpe or belt material.


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