AIRTAB – Self-dissolving condensate tablet

AIRTAB is a combination of special active potent quaternary algaecide with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents developed specifically to prevent the buildup of rust, scale, algae, slime, and silt which cause clogging in air-conditioning condensate pans, resulting in destructive overflow damages.


AIRTAB is ideal for use in air conditioners, refrigerated display cases, vending machines, industrial air systems, condensate pan drains, window, floor air-conditioning units, etc.


  • Eliminates standing water and fights odors.   AIRTAB eliminates standing water to protect   walls, ceilings and floors from condensate   overflow.
  • Eliminates disease causing bacteria.   Tested and certified to be effective against   Legionella Pneumophila (99.99% reduction   rate).
  • Cleans pans. AIRTAB cleans condensate   pans and keeps drain lines free from rust,   scale, sludge, algae, slime and slit.
  • Stops corrosion. AIRTAB’s special   inhibitors stop existing corrosion   and prevent further corrosion.
  • Reduces maintenance. With AIRTAB, there   is no need to shut down or waste   maintenance or peration downtime to clean   clogged drains.
  • Completely safe. AIRTAB contains no   harmful ingredients, is non-toxic, and   completely soluble leaving no residue to   cause problems.
  • Economical. AIRTAB lasts longer than   liquids, powders, or other ordinary   condensate pan tablets.


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