AIR-DUSTER – Aerosol precision cleaner

AIR-DUSTER  is a high performance advanced aerosol air precision cleaner. It utilizes the highest purity non-flammable HFC materials to create a non-residue formula that is completely plastics safe and contains no ozone depleters.


Uses include contacts, circuit boards, micro components, relays, print heads, televisions and monitors, VCR and CD-ROM devices and more.

It is ideally suited for the maintenance of all electronic or electrical devices in industry ranging from computers and office equipment to industrial machinery and manufacturing equipments. It is also
excellent for use in optics, arts and other applications where no-touch precision cleaning is required.


  • Ultra pure. AIR-DUSTER ultra pure formulation ensures no contamination.
  • Safe to use. AIR-DUSTER is safe on plastics and is non-flammable. Contains no ozone depleters.
  • Effective. AIR-DUSTER does not leasve residue which prevent attraction of air-borne dust and contamination upon use. Ensures maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  • Portable and easy to use. AIR-DUSTER aerosol packing eliminates need for hoses and compressors and thus is completely portable.


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