3503 – Heavy duty mortar renovator

3503 is a versatile and effective renovator for removing heavy mortar encrustations, cement, lime and corrosion/rust stains from hard surfaces. 3503 is specially formulated with effective blends of additives and penetrants for fast action cleaning.


3503 is widely used in industries including construction, plastering, tilling, patching and prefabrication plants. 3503 can be used on cement mixers and trucks, bricks, ceramic tiles, all types of construction and industrial equipment etc.


  • Extra cleaning power. 3503 penetrates deep into heavy encrustations of mortar and scale for complete removal.
  • Safe on tools and equipment. 3503 contains special corrosion inhibitors, and will not harm metals.
  • Easy to use. 3503 can be sprayed or brushed on surfaces to be cleaned.
  • Economical. 3503 saves costly labour and can be diluted up to 8 parts of water depending on scale buildups and speed required to complete job.


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